A First Impression Hardscapes crafted wall not only provides function, but also beauty, depth, character, and elegance to your outdoor living space. Whether the finish is in stunning Natural Stone Veneer, durable Decorative Block, classic Dry Stacked Stone, or even modern Stucco a First Impression Hardscapes wall can provide seating, privacy, and greater dimension to your projects. Walls are not only for retaining soil, but can add additional function to the space while enhancing the look and dimension of the space. A First Impression Hardscapes wall will certainly take any project to the next level.

I wanted to write a letter expressing our utmost satisfaction with the recent construction of the front entrance to our home and the patio in our backyard. Everyone at First Impression Hardscapes should be commended on an outstanding job. The final project looks fantastic and the hardworking men who did the construction were very professional. — Jill Morgan —