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"It is my pleasure to recommend Mike and John at First Impressions! The did an extensive home drainage and hardscaping project for my husband and me last spring and we could not have been more pleased with the service we received and the quality of the work. Mike helped us with design and material choices, and John oversaw the project day to day. The crew, which was on site for 12 hours every day, was meticulous and professional.

Collectively, they created an underground drainage system to move water away from the house, a large paver patio, a built-in firepit, and two retaining/seating walls with embedded lighting. The job was done beautifully, on budget, and ahead of schedule despite some set backs along the way. For instance, John discovered an enormous subterranean rock while the crew was excavating, which took almost an entire day to remove. We were certain that the rock would cost us additional money and delay the completion of the project, but not so!

We were also pleased with the degree to which First Impressions kept abreast of the project and kept us in the loop. Either Mike or John, and often both, were on site every day, looking over the work and updating us on the process. It was clear from our many communications with them--before, during, and after the project--that the whole team at First Impressions takes great pride in their work. As well they should, because it is terrific. Due to their diligence and attention to detail, we can also take great pride in our beautiful outdoor entertaining area.

Given our experience, I am confident that Mike and John will be well-positioned to fulfill your project needs. And, like us, I am sure that you will be very happy with their efforts."- Scott & Saundra L. Olney, MD -

"Thank you so much for an incredible job, well done. You were the 3rd or 4th contractor we talked to about our flagstone patio project. Mike was professional, knowledgeable, and it was very obvious from his ideas and suggestions that he had extensive experience doing these sorts of stone patios. There were some complications in the design and Mikes solutions were by far the sleekest. (The custom fabricated removable steel grate that is flush with the patio floor to cover a window that is below grade was a great solution.) The job was started as scheduled and you had to excavate a large amount of soil to do the job. I asked one of the workmen if they would spread the soil around the side of my house (where I could use the soil). I mentioned that I would put grass seed down after they left. He assured me that they would put the seed down and that it was no problem. They not only put the seed down, but they covered the entire area with straw / hay! They far exceeded my expectations. The stone work was done to perfection. The Flagstone is beautiful. The surface was perfectly flat and had a slight tilt away from the house. Nice! The chiseled edge on the wall is awesome. The LED lights built in the wall are a very nice touch. The workmanship is superb. They started and finished on schedule. The workmen left the work site each day in excellent condition. At the completion of the job, they actually left my property in better condition than when they found it. John, thanks for coming by each day to make sure the work was being done properly. Thanks you also for coming by each day to make sure that I was 100% happy and satisfied with each stage of the project. If I was not happy, then he claimed the company was not doing it’s job. I was really lucky and thrilled that I did not cheap out and go with the lowest bidder. There is no doubt that I received the BEST value. You guys should get contractor of the year. The work exceeded my expectations. Your price was very competitive but I definitely received the BEST product and service. (I will absolutely get my money back when I sell my house.) I am so glad I didn’t go with the lowest bidder).

Thanks for fixing my driveway. 8 years ago when I did choose the lowest bidder to put pavers on our driveway, I had no idea that they would not do the base properly. Even though I was given a lifetime warranty with that job, since they are out of business, the warranty is useless. Thanks for repairing this correctly.

Thank you Mike and John for an AWESOME patio and flat driveway! You guys did a fantastic job."- Seymour S. Potomac, MD -

"The recent torrential monsoons reminded me that I needed to thank you for the great job you and your guys did in my backyard patio. When I decided to do the permeable pavers, I had two other companies flake out on me before I was referred to you. You came out quickly, gave me a great price, and worked with me to create a project that wouldn't overwhelm my small yard. The completed project looks fantastic. The urgency for me to have something done was because water was coming into a crack in my foundation wall, and soaking my basement floors and walls. You and your team were determined the best way to stop the water from getting into my house. A year (and two hurricanes with 6 and 10 inches of rainfall respectively) later, and my basement remains dry as a bone.

I also really appreciate the post-completion customer service. When I decided to do a small project with the pavers left over from the patio job and ran short, I called you to see where I might buy 2 more pavers to complete the project. Rather than just telling me where I could find some, you actually dropped off two pavers free of charge on your way home from a nearby job!

Everyone who sees my patio raves about it, and I certainly love it. It has really helped make my backyard a little oasis in the city. Thanks so much for your excellent work, professionalism, and great customer service." - Jim S. NW Washington, DC -

“Laura and I would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the fine job First Impressions Hardscapes did for us, installing our new patio with sitting walls and a fire pit. Everything came together beautifully and we are both extremely pleased, as well as completely enjoying the new addition. The end result was of very high quality, and the project, as promised, was completed within the time frame estimate you provided. We appreciate your checking in with us every day and your attention to detail. It was also nice to see that your crew left our property clean, and with all waste materials removed. We would have no hesitation in recommending First Impression Hardscapes for other work, and as soon as we replenish our coffers, we’d love to have First Impressions come back to install some retaining walls around a number of our mulch beds.” - Tom & Laura R. Brunswick, MD -

“We would like to thank you for the beautiful patio that your company, First Impression Hardscapes, created for our family. We are very pleased with the quality of workmanship and materials that were used for our patio project. When we initially met, you took the time to listen to our ideas, while offering suggestions that we wouldn’t have thought of. We received many estimates for our patio project that far exceeded your price, for the same design and materials. You finished our project on time and at the initial contract price. We also want to acknowledge your promptness in addressing our endless requests, and last minute additions to the project. We were very impressed with the professionalism of the staff at First Impression Hardscapes.

You have designed an outdoor living and entertaining space the we very much needed, and will enjoy for many years to come. We wouldn’t change anything, and are very pleased with all aspects of the patio. Our children are particularly thrilled with the fire pit and sitting wall. They can’t wait to invite their friends over to roast marshmallows!

We would highly recommend First Impression Hardscapes to any homeowner or business that would like to have a job done exceptionally well at a reasonable price. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future.” - Gary & Jody P. Germantown, MD -

"I want to tell you what my experience with your company, and the work you have done in my back yard has been. Absolutely wonderful! Never have I been so impressed with the professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency of any contractor that I have dealt with. From start to finish, this company stood directly behind their product and work.

The team sent to do the job was great, and let me know every part of the process and what to expect. There was no mistaking their confidence and abilities to the job done, and get it done RIGHT! There was no problem, no hurdle that they could not overcome. Needless to say, at the end of the process, I was and remain one of their greatest cheerleaders, and that takes a lot. I am a homeowner yes, but I also am a Realtor, and I constantly look for good contractors for myself and clients.

Fast forward to July, and I noticed that some of the joints of the pavers are being compromised by ants. I called the company today to report this. Now, this is the truth, no more than 30 minutes after I called, Jessie, was back ringing my doorbell with the necessary equipment to redo the bonding agent between the pavers! YES! I was surprised beyond belief. not only was he here, but he had started to work on the year! What is that all about? Who does that now days...FIRST IMPRESSION HARDSCAPES, thats who!

I have never done this before; written about a company and the job they did, but I would be wrong to allow this opportunity to pass me by. I truly thank First Impression Hardscapes, and most of all my Construction Field Supervisor, Jessie for their dedication, caring, and professionalism, and look forward to getting the work done on the front of my home ASAP with them at the helm." - Sheila G. Frederick, MD -

"My wife and I wanted to write and tell you thank you for your suggestion and for your company's hard and beautiful work. We love our Patio!!!

After a dry summer we are having as you know a wet end of summer/entry to fall. With a hurricane and near constant torrential thunderstorms, our permeable paver patio drains the water hitting at it as well as accepts all the water coming off the roof gutters that you buried, without a care. While I can see standing water collecting in my neighbor's property, there is non on mine. Within a short time after the rain stops, the permeable pavers begin to dry off.

We are so excited and happy not to have any more mud, puddles and waiting for days for our back yard to dry out in order to be able to use it.

As you know the Jewish holiday of Sukkot is about a month and a half away. One of the primary reasons for installing this permeable paver patio, was to enable us to put up our sukkah and use it soon after any rain stopped falling and so that we would not be sitting or walking in mud. That was impossible before you guys installed the Belgard Subterra Permeable Paver Patio.

Thank you, thank you!!! For your great advice, your courteousness, excellent installation, and great customer service." - Simeon & Jaclyn P. Silver Spring, MD -

“I wanted to write a letter expressing our utmost satisfaction with the recent construction of the front entrance to our home and the patio in our backyard. Everyone at First Impression Hardscapes should be commended on an outstanding job. The final project looks fantastic and the hardworking men who did the construction were very professional and neat. All the trash and debris was picked up and disposed of daily. The construction was done with minimal interruption to our yard and in a very timely manner. Attention to detail was never overlooked. We are thoroughly enjoying your master craft and would recommend your company any time. On top of everything I have mentioned, the price was also right!” - Pete M. North Potomac, MD -

“I have had the pleasure of doing business with First Impression Hardscapes on a couple paver projects. My personal Design Consultant, Mike, hits the daily double: He is an honest, hardworking businessman, and he is a paver artist.

I thought I knew what I wanted in my projects but Mike consistently came out with creative design ideas that made my projects sing, while still being friendly on the budget. He is a straight shooter, and a guy that does what he says. As for the construction of the projects, they are stunning and sound. First Impressions has some gifted craftsman—true artisans that take pride in their work.” - Rob S. Potomac, MD -

"I want to acknowledge the skilled stone craftsmen who did a beautiful job on our customized flagstone walkway and give credit to you personally for ensuring that a beautiful product was delivered that we can enjoy for many years to come.

First Impression Hardscapes does excellent work. Their stonemason work is awesome and the attention to detail is remarkable. They come to one's home, get an idea what you want, design you a custom project, and the provide the estimate. They can design real time on their laptops. The workers are personable and very professional. I only with I would have contracted with them to do our walkway years ago. When our UPS delivery man came to our house the first time after the walkway was installed, he said he had to step back and make sure he was at the right house, as the walkway looked as though it been there forever! He had nothing but compliments on the walkway, as has everyone who comes and has not seen it before. If you want to be the envy of your neighborhood, have First Impression Hardscapes install a patio or walkway for you.

Thank you again for the excellent job done and at a reasonable price as well." - Nancy P. Scaggsville, MD -

"Thank you very much for helping us unearth and transform our backyard. It has brought our living space to the great outdoors. After having interviewed a number of prospective hardscape contractors, you provided the most creative and function design within our budget. And we are very proud to protect the Chesapeake Watershed through the permeable pavers and stylish design.

We have been receiving so many compliments from the numerous guests we have already entertained. Our two most important critics, our two young children, show their appreciation through endless hours of backyard fun. We have already and will continue to proudly recommend you, and First Impression Hardscapes to our friends and will to any of your prospective clients." - Jeff & Caroline W. NW Washington, DC -

"We are very pleased with our new retaining wall, stairs, lead walk, and the natural stone wall that First Impression Hardscapes installed for us. This has truly enhanced the curb appeal of our home. The choices of the Colonial Stone and the natural stone you recommended have complemented the existing finishes and color of our home. We were proud to welcome guests to our home for the the party that the work was done prior to and appreciate your hard work to complete the job on time.

It is a pleasure to recommend First Impression Hardscapes. Your eye for detail, design recommendations, and experienced crew made this a very successful project and a beautiful enhancement to our home." - Mark & Beth P. Columbia, MD -

"Your work at my house in Bethesda, Maryland looks terrific. My wife and I were really impressed with the speed and professionalism that your crew provided. Our neighbors remark how lovely our driveway and the stonework on the house looks. Everyone is impressed.

Also, I'm still impressed with the work that you provided NINE YEARS ago on our neighbors driveway and it still looks like it was completed yesterday.

My compliments to you and your crew for a job well done!!!" - Alan D. Bethesda, MD -

"I would like to thank you for a job well done. First Hardscapes did an outstanding job redoing our entire back patio and around our swimming pool. They were so knowledgeable and helpful in making the project a complete success. They understand drainage and use of materials so that we were very pleased with the outcome. Mike was wonderful to work with as well as all the others that worked so hard to get my backyard looking perfect for my daughter's wedding." - Nolan & Margaret A. Potomac, MD -

"Thank you for doing such a great job with my paver driveway. First Impressions Hardscapes solved a longstanding problem I had with my driveway. Pavers were installed by another contractor and due to the steep nature of the drive, I had serious problems with the stability of the pavers. FIH created and new base for the pavers and solved the problem. They were good to work with and responsive. I would recommend them to my friends." - Richard M. Potomac, MD -